FAQs - Transplanter MS-CS

Transplanter MS-CS has been selling across Canada since the spring of 2015. A number of you have emailed us with questions about our new product. Here are the questions that we've been asked most often - and our answers.

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Questions:            Answers:

1. Will Transplanter encourage Algae to grow in our pond? No - Algae blooms in freshwater ponds are caused by excess nutrient (fertilizer) runoff from nearby fields or landscapes. Transplanter is not a fertilizer, it contains beneficial fungi that help plant roots find additional water and nutrients in soil. Establishing mycorrhiza on roots reduces the need for fertilizers - making it less likely that excess nutrient from applied fertilizers will runoff into streams and ponds. 
2. We're treating our new tree with Transplanter, will it also help the lawn around the tree? Yes - Transplanter contains 18 different species of beneficial fungi that help the roots of nearly every kind of plant that you will have in your yard - including the turf grass plants in your lawn. As time passes, you may see a ring of grass developing around your new tree that's greener and more drought tolerant than the rest of your lawn. Enjoy! In the near future, Root Rescue will be bringing out a version of our product that is especially formulated for use on lawns. In the mean time, Transplanter will help you new landscape plants - and your lawn too.
3. We are transplanting some trees in our yard that have become too crowded. How do we figure out how much Transplanter to apply to each tree? Easy - Transplanter is mixed in water and applied as a solution to the root zone of plants. Small plants (a 1-Gallon perennial for instance) will require less Transplanter solution than a big tree - it's all about the size of the root (container or rootball). Basically, you apply enough solution to wet both the rootball of your plant and the new soil you've packed around it in the planting hole. Here's a chart that will show you how far each package of Transplanter will go: Dosage Chart. When you dig your trees out you should take as much soil with each of them as possible to the new locations. Compare the size of the rootball you make to the container sizes in this chart. The basic rule of thumb is to apply about 1/2 the amount of Transplanter solution as the volume of the plant container: a 2 gallon plant needs 1 gallon (3.75 Litres) of solution - a 5 gallon plant root needs 2.5 gallons (9.25 Litres) of Transplanter solution, etc.