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  1. Mycorrhizal Science

    Above: an electron microscope image of Mycorrhizal Spores and Hyphae What does the word Mycorrhizae Mean? “Mycor” is the ...
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  2. Mycorrhizal Science for Landscape Contractors

    You finish off every landscape project with the best plants that you can find – this living, breathing 'touch of nature' is the icing...
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  3. The First Report on the GTA's Forest Canopy Delivered at the Grey to Green Conference 2016

    The value of the Grey Infrastructure (roads, bridges, highways) in our urban spaces gets a lot of press. The Green Infrastructure has been completely ...
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  4. Bob Reeves Interview on CH Morning Live TV

    Bob Reeves describes the idea behind Root Rescue's new mycorrhizal plant starter on Hamilton's CH Morning Live Show with Annette Hamm. The quick (5-mi...
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  5. Mycorrhizae can Restore Life to Suburban Soils

    It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that the way we build our roads, homes, shopping malls and schools is hard on the living microbes in the alrea...
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