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  1. Mycorrhizal Science

    Above: an electron microscope image of Mycorrhizal Spores and Hyphae What does the word Mycorrhizae Mean? “Mycor” is the ...
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  2. University of Guelph Data

    Root Rescue began a grant-in-aid research program with the University of Guelph in the spring of 2009. The Transplanter MS-CS eff...
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  3. Earth Day is Really Soil Day

    April 22nd, another Earth Day has arrived. Let's go back to the roots of this movement and see where it all began....
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  4. It's Opening Day. Root Rescue launches our new website!

    I just looked it up - I registered the Domain Name '' in 2005 - it's taken a while to get to opening day, but here we are at last. The R...
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