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  1. Summer Planting with Root Rescue Transplanter

    We see the tree planting technique used - and we watch as  professional crews apply Root Rescue Transplanter MS-CS during the very hot and dry summer...
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  2. Ectomycorrhiza - some are easy-to-see Showoffs

    Here's my picture of a beautiful group of Amanita muscaria var. 'guessowii' that I saw last October, in a lawn, beside a windrow of Spruce. And if you...
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  3. An Ectomycorrhizae - Laccaria bicolor - pops up next to Aspen and Birch in October

    Laccaria bicolor are an ectomycorrhizal partner of a number of hardwood deciduous trees and conifers, and these mushroom caps appear briefly in the fa...
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