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Your garden centre is where your neighbourhood comes to get the plants and supplies that they need to build a greener and healthier world – starting right in their own yard. At Root Rescue, we want to make sure your garden centre offers the best options for growing the plants you love in the most sustainable way possible. We want Root Rescue products to be an essential part of the Green Tools that you offer to your customers. Give plants and gardeners the Natural Advantage™ that Root Rescue™ provides.

You know how important it is to get plants off to a good start in your client's yard; you're already recommending that they apply a Plant Starter formulation (or Bone Meal) when they plant. However, the benefits of these Plant Starters will only last for a few weeks. If you use our all-new organic Transplanter MS-CS on planting day, the colonies of beneficial soil fungi added to the root zone will go to work immediately – and then they will stay with the plant – helping its roots to find water and nutrients in the soil, season after season, year after year. This is why we say that Transplanter MS-CS is "The All-Natural Plant Starter – for Life."

Let Root Rescue's Transplanter be Step 1 in your Organic Program for growing landscape plants. Root Rescue's Transplanter MS-CS is packed with 18 different species of living beneficial soil fungi called ͚'mycorrhizae'. Once the Transplanter solution is applied to the root zone, one or more of the fungi in Transplanter MS-CS will form a mutually beneficial (symbiotic) relationship with the roots of the plant host. Once the mycorrhizal partnership is established, the plant gains access to untapped resources in the soil - more water, and essential nutrients that the roots alone cannot access. And why is that so important? The leading benefit of mycorrhizal symbiosis is that the plant quickly becomes more connected to the soil on the new planting site – and this means that it will be less likely to fail, and more likely to thrive. Transplant Shock can be a big problem when a plant moves from your garden centre into the client's new garden. Four years of testing by the University of Guelph proved that Transplanter MS-CS helps plants quickly establish and succeed on new planting sites. Treated plants don't struggle after planting – they find what they need in the soil, and that helps them to thrive.

Root Rescue Transplanter is not a synthetic fertilizer or a chemical: it's made entirely of natural organic elements and organisms native to the soils of Canada's wild undisturbed forests, meadows, and prairies. Urban soils lack the essential beneficial microbes found in these beautiful wild environments. Root Rescue™ restores them to the root zone on planting day, so plant roots can find them and establish the essential natural soil partnerships which make plants so durable, drought tolerant and successful in the wild.

Use Root Rescue's Transplanter as Step 1 in a program that offers your customers the path to an organic, sustainable way of growing plants in our urban and suburban landscapes. Step 2 is to recommend the use of Organic Fertilizers, Organically Sourced Mineral Supplements, and Organic Composts (or Compost Teas) to further improve urban soils and keep plants healthy and growing well. This way of growing will give plants the nutrition, soil structure, and beneficial soil microbes that they need to live long healthy lives. As we take the steps to restore soil health, we improve plant health too. It's all good.