Change to organics

Organic produce options are increasing every day in the grocery store. Organics are now extending well beyond the produce aisles into packaged foods, meats, and freshly baked goods. Root Rescue now gives you the tools to bring the organic option home - you can change your landscape to an all-natural oasis too.

Change to organic

Farmers markets are everywhere

Farmers Markets are springing up in almost every community – and the majority of offerings are now organically grown. Many of us prefer to know that the food we eat is grown without the use of chemicals, synthetic fertilizers or GMOs. And if offered the choice, a growing number of us would buy from a local source as well – we want to support the farm families in our own communities.

Recent advances

Recent advances in organic growing give us more options about what we choose to eat – isn't it time to embrace organic options for the outdoor places where we live, work, and play too? Root Rescue is committed to developing and supplying only organic products for growing the landscapes that we have all around us. Given the choice, wouldn't you want to know that your pets, your children, or your grandchildren are playing in an environment that was free of chemicals? A growing number of us are making that choice.

The need to switch to Organic

The need to switch to sustainable ways of growing our plants is no longer a matter of debate. The petrochemical based products that we've become dependent on to sustain lawns, landscapes and crops contribute substantially to the greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change. The soils that sustain our plants (and us) are being degraded and depleted by unsustainable growing practices. We need a better way to grow plants. We need to reduce the reliance on fertilizers manufactured by burning and consuming non-renewable hydrocarbons. We need to slow the rapid depletion of non-renewable nutrients such as phosphorus. And we need to stop the destruction of soil. The good news is that recent research has opened up new detailed understanding about how the natural processes of nutrient cycling works in soils. We now have new tools in the toolbox – new ways of caring for our farms, landscapes and gardens by working with the natural biological processes and the living communities of microbes in the soil. We can nurture and support healthy, natural plant growth. We can make a change for the better – and we can start right in our own back yard.

We're committed to your change to organics

Root Rescue is committed to supporting your change to organics. Every step that we take toward making sustainable choices will help to slow (and ultimately reverse) the factors that contribute to climate change. And we'd like to invite you to take part in this change too. Just like in the grocery store aisles, you now have a choice about how you nurture the landscapes where you live, work and play. We at Root Rescue are committed to giving you better options, and more ways to say "Yes, I'd like to choose Organic Landscape Options for where my family lives, works, and plays".