As a grower, you put a lot of time, effort, and resources into growing the best plants that you possibly can - and you also take pride in seeing them thrive after they leave your care.

Growers and dealders

But it's often tough times ahead for your trees, shrubs and perennials. They can spend months in a garden centre, or end up in very tough municipal street planting site where they will receive little or no aftercare. They are also subject to increasingly unpredictable weather and are often planted in disrupted soil environments depleted of the beneficial soil microbes that plants need to thrive. All of these outcomes can have a harsh impact on the success of the plant you've carefully cultivated. With the Natural Advantage™ that Root Rescue™ Transplanter MS-CS provides, you can help ensure that your plants are best set-up to succeed (wherever they end up) and save input costs as you grow them and ready them for your clients.

Root Rescue's Transplanter MS-CS is packed with 18 different species of beneficial mycorrhizae which form a natural symbiosis with the roots of the host plant. The mycorrhizal partnership helps plants to form an incredibly dense and efficient network of root fibres; thereby allowing the host plant to find nutrients and water inaccessible to roots alone.

Root Rescue™ Transplanter MS-CS is not a synthetic fertilizer or a chemical: it is made entirely of natural organic elements and organisms native to the soils of Canada's wild, undisturbed forests, meadows, and prairies. There is no filler in Transplanter - the hyper-concentrated content of the package is entirely beneficial to plants.

Using Transplanter MS-CS increases the ability of roots to access soil water, allowing for a reduction in both the frequency and duration of irrigation cycles. And your plants acquire greater stress tolerance in drought conditions. Mycorrhizal symbiosis increases access to nutrients previously applied (fertilizers) or to mineral nutrients already present in the soil. Mycorrhizal hyphae covert nutrient assets in soil into plant-available forms, and then transport them to the root. As a result, the application of fertilizers (particularly in field growing operations) can also be reduced in frequency and concentration. Applied nutrients (fertilizers) simply go farther, saving you money, and reducing the likelihood of nutrient runoff into irrigation ponds or waterways. Furthermore, unlike synthetic fertilizers, which last only weeks and require multiple applications, the beneficial effects of mycorrhizal symbiosis are permanent. The bond formed between the beneficial fungi in Transplanter MS-CS and the roots of your plants can last indefinitely. This will help to reduce transplant shock when you harvest your trees; resulting in fewer loses for you - and improved success for your clients.

As a grower, you are a leading supplier to Landscape Contractors. Root Rescue would like you to use Transplanter MS-CS when you grow your crops – and we would also like you to supply Transplanter to the contractors who buy your plants. To find out more about becoming a Root Rescue Dealer, please contact Everett DeJong at Redbud Supply: 1 (888) 733-2830

Application Methods

Root Rescue's Transplanter MS-CS is a highly concentrated wettable Powder which can be applied to your crops at various stages of production, or during the lining-out process. Easily mixed in water, the active ingredients remain in suspension for at least 5 minutes before beginning to precipitate. Gentle agitation (manual or mechanical) is all that is required to keep the solution homogeneous. High-volume, recirculating, tank applicators are ideal for the efficient application of the solution as a drench. The equipment's in-line screens should allow for the passage of particles 212 microns or smaller (No. 70 Screen).

Transplanter MS-CS can also be injected into the root zone of newly planted (or previously planted) trees, shrubs or evergreens with a root feeder probe. Generously apply the solution in a wide band at the drip-line, and drench the surface soil too. Transplanter is not a synthetic product - the solution cannot be over-applied - and will never burn. Once the target soil is saturated, any runoff will simply benefit nearby plants or turf. Apply anytime that the roots are active: spring, summer or fall. When using a low-volume, high-pressure root feeder - keep the maximum pressure below 200 psi.

Transplanter MS-CS mixes easily with water; you can also use a simple hose-end, siphon-type applicator to mix and apply the solution while (or after) planting. Hose-end siphon-type applicators mix concentrated solutions into a final application dilution as water passes through the mixing head from a typical garden hose. As water passes through the mixing head a siphon tube draws a pre-mixed concentrate out of the jar attached below the mixing head at a fixed or adjustable ratio. Dial type hose-end applicators have an adjustable mixing ratio based on where the dial is set.

About dial type hose-end applicators

Most dial type hose-end applicators are metric; when the dial is set to 30, 30ml (milliliters) of a solution will be siphoned from the concentrate jar for every 1000ml(Litre) of water passing through the mixer head. Transplanter MS-CS mixes easily with water, even when mixed at multiple times the normal application rate. So using a hose-end syphon mixer applicator is a very easy and efficient way to apply Transplanter.

Using a Dial type hose-end applicator - Step by Step

  1. Do not use an applicator which was previously used for applying insecticides or fungicides.
  2. Set the Dial to 30.
  3. Add 20 grams (4 teaspoons) of Transplanter MS-CS powder to the concentrate jar.
  4. Fill the concentrate jar with 1 Litre of water – attach the jar to the mixer head and shake well.
  5. Open the valve on the applicator and thoroughly saturate the roots and the each layer of backfill as you plant.
  6. As you apply the solution, the concentrate in the jar will begin to empty. When the jar is drained, stop working and go back to Step 3.
  7. If you leave the concentrate mixture sitting in the jar for more than 5 minutes – simply shake the applicator again and continue working.
  8. Use up all of the concentrate in the jar – do not store the product for more than 1 day after it has been mixed. If you've finished working and you still have concentrate in the jar, apply the remainder to other nearby plants. Established plants or grass will all benefit from an application of Transplanter MS-CS.
  9. When you're finished, just rinse the empty applicator with water from the hose – and you're done.
  10. Seal any unused portions of the powder in the original packaging, and store in a dry cool place away from direct sunlight.

A solution of Transplanter MS-CS wettable powder can also be applied directly to the roots of dormant bare-root stock during the lining-out or potting process. We'd be happy to help you find the most efficient way to fit Transplanter MS-CS into your production process.


If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, you may be interested in seeing how the benefits of Root Rescue's Transplanter MS-CS can be integrated into your production systems. Special pricing and support is available from Root Rescue for Growers like you.